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Filmed & edited by Deniz Kavalali | Song & sound by Rebekah Bouche | Track mastered by Burak Topalakci

We made two feature videos to accompany the release of So Long Solemn:

Everything & Nothing All at Once, with Deniz Kavalali, and The Storm, with Rosie Reed Gold.

Both were made on a shoestring, with a great deal of kind help. Both emerged from hours, days, months spent sharing time, ideas and lives.

Both testify to the resilience, ingenuity and artistic vision of the artists who made them. I hope you love them. RB xx

Directed and filmed by Deniz Kavalali, with Rebekah Bouche & Tancred Newbury.

Written by Deniz Kavalali & Rebekah Bouche | Styling by Esra Mehmetoğlu | Make-up by Amy Hubers | Edited by Deniz Kavalali.

Filmed at Windyridge - with many thanks to Corin, Tristram, Thomas, Fergus, Kathryn and Steve.


[Right: on-shoot photography by Tancred Newbury]

Devised by Rosie Reed Gold & Rebekah Bouche.

Director / Shooter - Rosie Reed Gold |


Shooter / Editor - Deniz Kavalali | Lighting - Giacomo La Monaca | Makeup - Natalie Macdonald.

Filmed at the Total Refreshment Centre, London, with thanks to Lexus Blondin.

With help from Adam Bernstein, Alabaster dePlume, Daisy Reed Gold, Harry Deacon, Maria Thompson, Mattias Bhatt, Natalia Kieniewicz, Nikos Ziarkas, Rob Rider Hill and Taylan Mutaf.

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